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The importance of Backing up your Data, Manually or Automatically

The new bully in the online playground, is RansomWare! Vision Technology provides RansomWare Protection and Recovery Services, but the most important step in protecting yourself from Ransomware, is a current and functional data backup.

An automated back-up system, can include: Hardware, Software, Cloud Storage and a little elbow grease. Today we will discuss the different options available too you, some VisionTM can provide personally, others we can resell and the rest we can point you in the right direction!

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Creating System Recovery Disks

In the past, many computers, came with system recovery disks and driver downloads, etc when you purchased your computer.

Now, computers, servers, etc only come with the ability to create the disks, with the aide of either a USB Stick, External drive, or Blank DVD-RW disks.

We have included both: Instructions for how to create the back-up media and back-up media options from Amazon. Any of the products listed towards the bottom of the page will keep your data safe and available for back-up.

If you personally find this task Daunting, or just cannot find the time to perform the back-up/recovery media yourself, contact Vision Technology Today. VisionTM will create the recovery media, and ensure you have copies stored in convenient and safe places, so if something were to go wrong: Ransomware, Hard Drive Failure, Lightning Strike, Act of Nature (Tornado, Hurricane, Flooding), you can quickly become operational again on the same machine, or a different machine.

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Why Is My Site Not Generating Sales?

Being in the website design business for many years and coupled with the recent downturn of our nations economy, we are frequently asked the following question: Why is my site not generating SALES? So after diving down to the root of this problem and analyzing websites that work with websites that do not, we have come to the following conclusion. That running an On-Line store takes as much commitment, energy, focus and time as running a "Brick and Mortar" store does. The main flaw people have with the on-line world is that just because you have a site and offer products on your site, doesn't mean that:
A) People will actually find your site and
B) That once people have found your site they will automatically buy your products.

The best way to explain this to you is to refer to the 5 P's of Marketing:

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Paid Advertising (Part 2)

Developing and implementing pay-per-click ads on social networking sites and major search engines like  Google, Yahoo, etc.. It can help to advertise your site to potential clients as well. This includes setting up free Business pages, within Facebook, Myspace, etc. You can use your Facebook and/or Myspace accounts to interact with your customers.

Ways to use Myspace and Facebook to your advantage:

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Search Engine Optimization (Part 2)

The most important component for Search Engines is providing useful, up-to date, original website content. Search engines pay attention to how many pages you submit and how many times your pages have been updated or changed. They also pay attention to how relevant your text is. Google for example has a program that searches the web and finds how many websites use the exact or close to the same information. This helps them find which sites have duplicate information and are irrelevant to Web Searchers. Google also notices when you stop updating content. So while adding new content helps, not adding content for an extended period of time will hurt your rankings as well.

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