Consultant Information

Vision Technology Management is a sole proprietorship under the leadership of Harold J. Patterson, III. Consultants are brought in when specific needs are identified that require their expertise. Detailed information on current full time consultants are listed below.

Harold J. Patterson, III

Mr. Patterson has been in the computer field since 1974.  Specific background information can be obtained by reviewing his resume. His rare ability to understand technical programming and systems design and communicate this to users and management allowed him to quickly move through the corporate ranks of two banks and an Island Resort. His entrepreneurial spirit brought he and his family to New Hampshire and a Country Inn ownership as well as the Internet Hosting and Consulting practice you are reading about today.

Other Consultants

Due to the number of years of technology experience, the Pattersons have evolved a team of experts to assist in various fields. Some of the specific areas of expertise include:

  • Novell Networks
  • Windows NT Networks
  • UNIX operating systems and networks
  • Telecommunications
  • School administration
  • Point of Sale systems
  • System Integration and Interfacing
  • Automated Accounting Systems
  • Resort Reservation Systems
  • PBX Telephone Systems
  • Web design, hosting and marketing