Beaufort, SC Network Management - Personal and Business

VisionTM has watched Networks change throughout the years, from how they are offered and managed, to the way businesses and people use and interact with these networks. Many standards of today, were not the standards of yesterday nor may they stay the same for tomorrow!

Cloud Computing, has become the next big thing, with many of our everyday programs now going to cloud, (AVG Virus Protection, Microsoft Office, Adobe Photoshop, etc) allowing users to always have the most up-to-date software, without maintaining clunky disks and disk cases! Offices (Business Locations) have also turned to the cloud, to manage and protect their data! Cloud computing does offer many great advantages to businesses, but there are still some businesses that may be at a dis-advantage, as cloud computer is not right for every business. Further compounding the networking landscape, is the rise of Remote Access and working from Home, requiring access to all of the businesses files from home, in the office or abroad!

Before creating Vision Technology Management, Harold Patterson won an award, (Full Resume Here) for configuring and creating a network 20 years ago, that is still used and maintained by the same corporation! Vision Technology has the experience and knowledge to properly understand your business, your home, and each individual need to select the best Network Management tool(s) for you and/or your business to run smoothly and efficiently for years to come!

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Personal/Home Networks and Security - Wireless, Wired and VPN's

Wireless networks have become increasingly easier to setup, it can still be a chore connecting online! One thing that hasn't changed over the years, is the long and irritating support calls, to your network provider. Even then, support cannot always help determine the exact cause of the issue, leaving their customers stranded for days waiting for technicians!

Even with a healthy and happy network, users still need to worry about the security of their network and their personal data stored on their computers, etc. Many people store their bank information, have easy access links to their bank accounts, with saved passwords, etc. Did you know, with an unsecured network, an identity thief doesn't even need to be in your home to access your network and information! Don't be the next victim of identity theft, make sure your system and network are protected today!

Vision Technology can help analyze your current system, checking for any weak areas in your wireless service, cabling issues, any areas that could cause signal disruption in your cables, or if you haven't setup a system yet, we can help determine the best system to install, to ensure your entire property is easily connected. Then we will assist on maintaining a safe and secure network for you, your family and your guests.

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Office Networks and Security - Wired, Wireless, Cloud and VPN's

VisionTM's network support technicians have been working with business networking systems since 1976, when mainframe computers were ruling the day. Today systems are faster, have more connected devices (routers, printers, tablets, desktop computers, laptops, scanners, fax machines, etc) and require consistent daily access. When setting up a network, the planning stage is most important and encompasses where devices will sit, where the wires will run to connect the devices and how many network devices are needed for proper service. Once a network is in place though, many businesses quickly overlook backing up said network and data. Keeping and maintaining an automated back-up process, helps ensure that if a device is down, data is not lost and work can quickly resume again.

VisionTM can assist any current networks for issues and for any businesses looking to create a proper network, VisionTM can plan, setup and manage that network.

VPN is available within many standard router configurations. Successfully implementing VPN is usually not an easy task, especially when you have multiple routers and/or security settings involved. Our network support technicians can help you transition your business or home system to create your own Virtual Private Network or accessing and managing a Virtual Private Network.

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Network Printer Management

One of the service calls we receive the most is in regards to getting networked printers to behave, they just seem to have a mind of their own. Many times the network printer was not setup correctly, or there are too many printing options on each individual computer and it's hard to select the correct printing choice. Our network support technician can help analyze how the current network is setup, how the printer is associated with the network and help determine the steps needed for the printer to communicate within the network.

If you are looking to install a new network printer, or are having issues with your current network printer, let Visiontm cure your headache today!
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Network Device Management

Network Devices comprise of routers, switches, computers, printers, tablets, fax machines, scanners, the list can go on and on. All of these devices can be very tricky and the more you have on a network the harder it can be to find the true culprit. To many average computer users, it may appear that the computer is having connection issues but really it is the router or switch that has gone bad, or needs attention to get it back working. No matter the device, Visiontm can help assist with getting it connected and performing the daily tasks you need it to do.

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