RansomWare Protection

RansomWare can happen at anytime, are you protected?

RansomWare is when your computer is HiJacked, where a message appears saying your data has been locked and to call XXX-XXX-XXXX to submit a payments and have the block removed! Sometimes, RansomWare will slowly delete files, providing a countdown and file deletion number until an amount has been paid!

Don't let your personal computer or entire Business Data become HiJacked and held for ransom! Billions of dollars have already been paid to these HiJackers in 2016, don't add to their pockets!

With Vision Technology's Protection plan, you can keep your computer data back-up in real time, so if you ever reach a RansomWare message, you will know you are 100% protected and can be up and running again within hours, instead of days!

Contact Vision Technology Today, to either recover your computer from RansomWare Attacks, or prevent future attacks before they happen! Contact Us Today!