Beaufort, SC Server Installation and Maintencance

Are you wanting to Maintain a Server for your Business, Website or otherwise?

Vision Technology has helped Purchase, Setup and Maintain servers for multiple business in the Beaufort, SC area. Harry Patterson the Owner and Founder, helped create, setup and install the Server Infrastructure that runs Fripp Island, SC. You can read further information about Harry's history and experience here!

Vision Technology prides itself and helping businesses only spend for what they need in technology, we will never select technology that you do not need and can always assist in finding cheaper alternatives/solutions to your problems.

Vision Technology uses CDW and Staples for purchasing all of it's Server components and Infrastructure (Modems, Battery Back-Ups etc). Once we help purchase and setup the Hardware components of your Server, Vision is more than qualified to help setup the server access points, remote controls, Ports, Routers, etc.

Do you already have a Server, but it is being temperamental? Do you need to add additional services to the Server? Do you have the server on a Battery Back-Up and are you using an External or Cloud Based system to back-up your server contents regularly?

Vision Technology Can help get you to Server Dominance Today!