Creating System Recovery Disks

In the past, many computers, came with system recovery disks and driver downloads, etc when you purchased your computer.

Now, computers, servers, etc only come with the ability to create the disks, with the aide of either a USB Stick, External drive, or Blank DVD-RW disks.

We have included both: Instructions for how to create the back-up media and back-up media options from Amazon. Any of the products listed towards the bottom of the page will keep your data safe and available for back-up.

If you personally find this task Daunting, or just cannot find the time to perform the back-up/recovery media yourself, contact Vision Technology Today. VisionTM will create the recovery media, and ensure you have copies stored in convenient and safe places, so if something were to go wrong: Ransomware, Hard Drive Failure, Lightning Strike, Act of Nature (Tornado, Hurricane, Flooding), you can quickly become operational again on the same machine, or a different machine.


Windows 8 & 10:
  1. Click in the Search Box in the Lower Left of Your Screen
  2. Type Recovery Drive
  3. Double Click, or right click on create Recovery Drive
    1. Make sure that "Back-Up System Files" Checkbox is Checked
    2. Click "Next"
    3. The machine will then analyze what size back-up media is needed for completion.
  4. Connect the Requested Media: For My Windows 10 ACER Laptop, it requested an 8gb USB Stick.
    1. If you have more than 1 device, we strongly recommend a 1TB usb stick or External Hard Drive, as this will more than adequately handle all of your devices. (Some options from amazon are available for purchase at the bottom of this article.)
  5. Once the process completes, find a safe dry place to keep the back-up media. We strongly suggest a safety deposit box, which can also keep it protected during acts of nature.
Windows 7

Windows 7 was the last machine to require System Disks, and have System Disks sent with the machine at time of purchase

If you have lost the disk though, you can create a system restore disk, using either DVD-RW disks or a USB stick (listed below)

Refer to Microsoft Support for the full instructions on creating and using the restore disk.

This option must be performed, before your system starts having issues! Once the machine starts having issues it can be too late!

Apple Computers and Mac Books

Apple comes with back-up and recovery options built in using Yosemite. The computer can also recover using an Internet Connection.

But, if the hard drive fails, none of these will be accessible, or if your internet goes down, you will be unable to recover using Internet Connection.

This is why it is still important to create an external recovery media, regardless of the options provided on your specific device.

  1. Look for the Recovery Disk Assistant
    1. Look for it in Application/Utilities Folder
    2. Or Download it from Apple Support
  2. Once Located and or Downloaded, Connected the Media
  3. Open the Recovery Disk Assistant, select the USB device you want to store too, and follow the rest of the instruction.
  4. Once complete store the media in a safe, dry place. We strongly recommend a safety deposit box, which will keep it safe from natural disasters as well!

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices come with factory reset options built right into the phone. So it is not hard to get your phone back to default with all factory services still functioning. But, your data is another story all together!

Depending on your manufacturer, operating system and device, there are a plethora of options avialable to keep your data safe and secure, and many of these services are also Free!

Android Tablets and Devices

Android devices are seamlessly tied to Google, allowing you to use all of Google's Services to back-up and restore your photos, videos, messages, emails and more.

Here are two great resources for completing android back-ups:

Tech Radar - How to back up and restore your Android Device

Android Central: Back Up Android Device The Ultimate Guide

Apple Devices

For iPhone's we like to refer to main company itself!

Apple Support: How to back up your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Storage Media - Available through Amazon

32gb Sticks for Single Computers

1 TB Back-up Medias: For more than one computer.