The importance of Backing up your Data, Manually or Automatically

The new bully in the online playground, is RansomWare! Vision Technology provides RansomWare Protection and Recovery Services, but the most important step in protecting yourself from Ransomware, is a current and functional data backup.

An automated back-up system, can include: Hardware, Software, Cloud Storage and a little elbow grease. Today we will discuss the different options available too you, some VisionTM can provide personally, others we can resell and the rest we can point you in the right direction!

While these solutions will protect your data from numerous attacks (RansomWare, Hardware Failure, Natural Disaster) they will not get your computer up and running like new! Your data and your System Files (Default Programs, Windows Software and Software Drivers) are two separate entities.

To ensure your computer can run as when you first bought it, it is imperative, that you also create a System Recovery Disk. If you have not done so, or are unsure how, read our previous blog "Creating a System Recovery Disk".

Back-Up Methodology

The most important process, of maintaining effective back-ups, is storing and maintaining your back-up media off-site!

Off-Site storage is an added protection for if a natural disaster hits your location. While many Lock Boxes/Safes come with water and fire proofing, if these boxes get too hot, the external media could easily become unusable. In some instances, these boxes could even disappear!

A Safety Deposit Box is the most secured storage location for your media. But we know many people that simply bring these sticks home with them. If you work from home, then you will unfortunately need to find a different location

Even if you choose a cloud solution to prepare and store your data, it is still imperative to maintain a back-up that is accessible without using an Internet Connection. Internet Connections are not always guaranteed, and in fact, where I live (South Carolina) the connections can be broken or "knocked off" multiple times a day. Many stores in our area are affected by this, and if they relied solely on cloud solutions, they would be unable to recover their data while their internet was down.

Another caveat with Cloud Back-Up solutions is internet speed. Our area is not only horrible with internet connectivity, but also internet speeds! If you have large troves of data, it can take hours to upload or download that data and become

Backing Up Your Data Manually

The first option and in some respects, the most cost effective, is too maintain the back-up of your data manually.

  1. Multiple USB External Hard Drives or USB Sticks of large capacity
    1. A Minimum of 32gb
    2. If you have videos and/or pictures, than a minimum of 1TB
  2. You could forego the External Options, and Purchase a Cloud Solution, VisionTM offers one for $9/month/25gb, contact us for details
The Process

Depending on how often you back-up your data, you will want a variety of Back-Up Media (USB External or Stick). This is to ensure proper protection of your data and will also require that you fluctuate media to an off-site location.

The purpose of an off-site location, is to protect against any natural disasters that may hit your location. But perhaps a strong safe/lockbox that is waterproof and fireproof could do the job. But to achieve 100% protection, storing off-site is a necessary evil. As mentioned above, you could forego storing the Media off-site, by maintaining a Cloud back-up. But this can be unreliable as it is dependent on internet availability and connection, so if your internet is down, you would still be unable to access your store data.