Paid Advertising (Part 2)

  • Facebook offers pay-per-click advertising.
    • You can set the limit of how much you would like to pay per month. Facebook then displays your ad until your desired limit per month is reached and will then stop displaying your ad.
  • Use both Myspace and Facebook as an events calendar.
    • You can use them to keep people informed about:
      • Special Events
      • Company Accomplishments
      • etc
  • Provides one way links to your site which help with Google Rankings.
  • Gives your customers an alternate means of contacting you through Myspace and Facebook email and commenting systems.
  • These systems will also help you attract a younger clientele. 

"Need help developing a bussiness page, for Facebook and Mysapce or help with pay-per-click advertising through Facebook and search engines
Contact Vision Technology Management"